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The simulators at Sideways are a perfect training tool for race drivers and amateurs to make themselves familiar with racetracks and learn how to drive on them.

~ Robby Niermann – Porsche China


[ap_tab_group type=”horizontal”] [ap_tab title=”WHO IS THIS ACTIVITY FOR?”]Virtual racing in a Sideways simulator is for anyone who loves to experience “the real thing”. It is for those who want more than what their Playstation or Xbox can offer. We are several levels above the Playstation / XBox / general arcade market, and we are able to provide an experience that is very close to driving the real thing – be that a BMW Mini, a V8Supercar, or a Formula One car. Real race drivers such as Matthew Solomon, Darryl O’Young, Matthew Marsh, Pete Olson, James Atter and many others use our Sideways Simulators to hone their race craft and that is a great testament to the quality and realism of our product. But don’t worry, we make it an enjoyable experience for beginners too![/ap_tab] [ap_tab title=”HOW MANY DRIVERS DO I NEED TO MAKE A BOOKING?”]There is no minimum. It does become more fun if there’s more drivers as that means there are more cars on the track. We have 15 simulators available, and that lets us cater for groups up to 40 with teams event-style racing.[/ap_tab] [ap_tab title=”CAN I RACE ANY CAR, ON ANY TRACK?”]Yes, you can race any pre-installed cars on any pre-installed tracks, any combination can work, just ask if you have any requests! We do usually recommend a couple of beginner circuits and race cars to ease you into the fun of simulator racing.[/ap_tab] [ap_tab title=”CAN I JOIN A LEAGUE?”]Yes, you can join in 2 ways. Either bring your own group of mates along and setup your own league to be raced when you like, on whatever cars you like on whatever tracks you like. Or, join one of our leagues that are on pre-structured dates/cars/and tracks. Both are loads of fun and are very addictive![/ap_tab] [ap_tab title=”HOW MUCH DOES IT COST?”]It depends on how long you would like to race for. Prices start from $300 for 60 minutes (Off-Peak) of driving through to $1500 for 3 hrs of driving (Peak). For extra drivers using the same simulator, there is a driver surcharge.[/ap_tab] [ap_tab title=”IS THIS JUST FOR ADULTS? CAN KIDS DO IT TOO?”]While Sideways is mainly for adults, children can race and usually beat the adults anyway (Min height 150cms), bring a thick pillow to be sure.[/ap_tab] [ap_tab title=”WHAT CAN I DO WHEN MY KIDS ARE DRIVING?”]If you do not wish to race, we have a comfortable bar to sit at, or, since the event is fully supervised, you can go and do some shopping.[/ap_tab] [ap_tab title=”CAN I BRING PARTY FOOD FOR THE KIDS?”]Sideways offer fully catered options from Pizza to Thai, Mexican, Japanese, Italian, Finger Foods, Tapas and more. Only cakes are allowed to be brought in from outside. Outside drinks are subject to a $250 corkage charge.[/ap_tab] [ap_tab title=”CAN I BRING FOOD OF MY OWN?”]There is no need, as we can arrange everything, and you get to sit back, relax, drive, enjoy a drink and have fun![/ap_tab] [ap_tab title=”AM I TOO BIG?”]The Simulators are adjustable to fit bodies as tall as 6’9″ (205cms)[/ap_tab] [ap_tab title=”WHO DO I CALL TO MAKE A BOOKING?”]You can book online now or call us. +852 2523 0983[/ap_tab] [ap_tab title=”CAN I BUY A SIMULATOR FOR HOME USE?”]Yes, you can purchase the very same awesome simulators that we use at Sideways to race at home. Call us on +852 2523 0983 to find out about a package that is right for you. We have over 14 years of race car simulation experience here in Hong Kong and our after-sales service is second-to-none.[/ap_tab] [/ap_tab_group]