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Sideways (Driving Club) is for anyone who loves to experience "the real thing". It is for those who want more than what their Playstation or Xbox can offer. We are several levels above the Playstation / XBox / general arcade market, and we are able to provide an experience that is very close to driving the real thing - be that a BMW Audi R8, V8 Supercar, AMG SLS, F3 or even a F1 car. Real race drivers such as Darryl O'Young, Matthew Solomon, Matthew Marsh, James Atter and many others use our sims to hone their race craft and that is a great testament to the quality and realism of our product.

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Whether its a quick spin around Silverstone with a couple of friends or a client function of 25 people racing different cars around a multitude of tracks, the staff & sims have consistently delivered a great event.

~ Paul Solway

The Experiences


Groups, Stag's & Hen's

Perfect for a range of occasions with every driver for themselves. CLICK HERE to learn more and to organise your own private group tournament, to find the fastest on 4 wheels in the heart of Central


Hire Simulators

Perfect for a range of events, 50-1000+ pax. Your own private venue, your event, with the unique recall factor that only the Simulators can offer! CLICK HERE and let us show you all about the Sideways Hire Sims.